10 Lug 2017
  • Data: 3.00PM to 6.00PM
  • Orario: 2.00PM
  • Location: Napoli, Orto botanico

The 2017 edition of the LIPHE4 Summer School

summerschool 2017 summerschool 2017

This year's theme: A Critical Appraisal of Current Narratives of Sustainability through Quantitative Storytelling.

Participants will gain hands on experience using relational analysis to generate integrated assessments across scales and dimensions of the metabolic pattern of social-ecological systems. We will examine popular narratives such as circular economy, bio-economy, low-carbon economy, green growth and 100% renewable energy cities.
The Summer School is organized in collaboration with the EcoLES group (Department of Biology) of the University of Naples Federico II and will take place at the Botanical Garden of Naples.

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